"In a good team, the chain is much stronger than the individual link"


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People in groups always influence each other – we take on our roles and also push each other to take on roles. This can make the group strong – but it can also hamper the group's potential.

When everyone plays each other well, the organization has a team of high-performers who can both perform and navigate the changes and challenges that everyday life presents.

But group dynamics can also mean holding each other back, locking each other up and limiting each other. Especially in times of need for development and implementation of change, the locked roles can limit both the individual employee and the entire group's possibilities.

Well-functioning teams can usefully strengthen their positive dynamics with regular workshops that ensure that smaller cams never become real threats to the team's well-being, just as a focus on opening up the overlooked resources can make both the individual employee and the entire team stronger.

Teams and groups with dissatisfaction and conflict, or groups that need to go through major changes can be strengthened with a coaching course that ensures that all members get through development, become good at recognizing and using each other's strengths, and they will be able to back each other up and find common goals and cohesion.

Chemistry interview

I give you the opportunity to get a 30 min. chemistry conversation, where you, free and without obligation, can have a conversation with me and a better sense of whether we are the right match. 

Examples of team coaching themes and workshops:

  • Concrete issues
  • Current challenges
  • Building team spirit in new groups
  • Implementing new solutions
  • Managing conflicts
  • Development of community and cohesion
  • Optimizing collaboration and well-being
  • Developing members' roles and opportunities in the group – getting participants out of their lock-in "comfort zones" and fixed roles

Coaching leaders

expectations . resources . results