"Balancing between challenges and resources, between developing potentials and business opportunities – that's basically what I contribute."

About Morten Gottliebsen

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Let's move ourselfs

When I work with an organization, the most important thing is not that we have a good time – it is that we move.
Some will definitely think that I am cursing too much, that I am too direct and that I may be too provocative. Fortunately, however, I know that I am also perceived as motivating, humorous and loving.

I will be happy to challenge your organization's habitual thinking, and I'm happy to ask the questions you may have forgotten to ask each other for years. If it is provocative, Then I typically see it as an expression of the fact that this is where you have become so accustomed to the fact that "that is just the case", that you no longer see your own possibilities and potentials.

This does not mean that everything should be passed around because you choose to cooperate with me in your organizational development – not at all.
Personally, it is important to me that I stand on a strong foundation when I need to be challenged and develop myself, and I know that's how many people and organizations feel that way. The basic business and employees' belief in the company is often a solid foundation from which people, opportunities and new markets can be developed.

My basic principles

  • A solid foundation creates freedom to set the direction for the desired development.
  • Pragmatic and down-to-earth solutions are more important than fine foreign words and theories.
  • Provocations can loosen up deadlocked thinking, but provocation must not be the goal in itself.
  • A bit of chaos in the process allows you to free up unknown resources and potentials – many of us can do more than we show.
  • We must be able to count on each other – together we agree on the "rules of the game" for our cooperation, and then you can have confidence that I will do everything possible to achieve our goals together.

Education & certifications

Sofia Manning

  • 2015 – Certified Lifecoach
  • 2015 – Certified Businesscoach
  • 2017 – Certified Mastercoach

Nerdy Speakers

  • 2018 – Public Speaking

ICF (International Coaching Federation)

  • 2020 – PCC

Assessments 24×7 FR

  • 2021 – DISC Practitioner

What's your next step?

Can you imagine a stronger, more fun, more spontaneous and innovative organization? Then I can help you and your organization get off the ramp and have the potential redeemed in everyday life.

Contact me now – together we will find the right solution for you – whether you need a motivational workshop to kick-start a development you are looking for, or if you need a longer collaboration.

A chemistry interview allows you to have a 30 min. chemistry conversation, where you, free and without obligation, can have a conversation with me and a better sense of whether we are the right match. 

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