"Actions speaks louder than a thousand thoughts – get the tools to be the good example in everyday life in both actions and words"

Coaching leaders

expectations . resources . results

Lederudvikling og coaching

As a manager for a company or department, you are often met with many expectations and demands for both your own performance, the results of the organization and the well-being of your employees. If you search for answers in modern management books, the demands often become only higher and more unrealistic – and the more books you read, the more you have to live up to.

Through my leadership coaching, you get a pragmatic and realistic approach that will give you insight into how to make the best use of your personal attributes and when you can usefully let your employees take responsibility for development, dynamism and momentum without losing the ability to set the direction.

Only by finding the balance between leading and letting your team of employees take responsibility and contribute to development and goal fulfillment can you ensure your own personal balance so that you neither burn out nor lose motivation and commitment.


Chemistry interview

I give you the opportunity to get a 30 min. chemistry conversation, where you, free and without obligation, can have a conversation with me and a better sense of whether we are the right match. 

Examples of leadership coaching themes:

  • Vision – for both your business and you personally
  • Mission - for both your business and you personally
  • Constructive handling of employee feedback
  • Handling conflicts – internally between employees or between management and employees
  • Goal parameters - defining and planning milestones
  • Insight into own competences, attributes and weaknesses
  • Developing leadership skills and roles
  • Sparring on concrete management in everyday life – what do your employees need and what can and will you offer
  • Tap into your genius zone

Coaching teams

expectations . requirements . results